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Last edited January, 2023.

What is ReviewTyme?

ReviewTyme is a group of two theme park enthusiasts who love nothing more than spending our days exploring the best that the world of theme parks has to offer.

We started ReviewTyme as a way to share our experiences and recommendations with others who share our love of theme parks. We’re not professionals or experts – just regular people who love theme parks and want to help others have the best possible experience.

Whether you’re looking for thrill rides, family-friendly attractions, or just a fun day out, we’ve got you covered. We’ve visited theme parks all over the world and have plenty of tips and tricks to share with you.

Community comes first.

As theme park enthusiasts, we at ReviewTyme believe in the power of these destinations to bring people together and create lasting memories. That’s why we started ReviewTyme – to share our love of theme parks with others and help others have the best possible experience.

But beyond just providing recommendations and reviews, we also believe that ReviewTyme can have a positive impact on the community. By sharing our experiences and insights, we hope to inspire others to visit theme parks and experience the joy and excitement that they have to offer.

In addition to bringing people together, theme parks also have the power to drive economic development and tourism in the communities they serve. By encouraging more people to visit theme parks, we’re not only supporting these destinations, but we’re also supporting the local businesses and communities that benefit from them.

Overall, we believe that ReviewTyme is a valuable resource for theme park enthusiasts and a positive force in the community. We’re passionate about sharing our love of theme parks and hope to inspire others to experience the magic for themselves.

We don't dampen the experience for others.

We respect others and their experiences when we are in the parks by investing in discrete equipment such the Osmo Pocket and simply using our phones to record. That way we can blend into the crowd and ensure that nobody is disturbed by our visit.