‘ReviewTyme’ is the culmination of Luke Carroll and Dominic Lacey’s insatiable desire to criticize. The ReviewTyme project has been in the works since mid-2017 after an intensive two week Asia tour. Many locations weren’t heavily talked about online and seeing an opportunity ReviewTyme decided to spark the conversation.

The founders Luke & Dom have extensive experience in media, travel and entertainment.  Dominic founded the ‘CaptainLazerGuns’ YouTube channel at age 16 and has several viral projects under his name.  Luke spent a year overseas working at Walt Disney World and gained vital experience into the inner workings of the world of theme parks  and entertainment.

ReviewTyme is dedicated to reviewing interesting items, events & locations. Our aim is provide an unbiased and educated  review for people to make an informed decision on whether that which we review is right for them when travelling.

Luke Carroll

Content Director

“It doesn’t matter that this is a kids coaster, It’s a cred!”

Luke’s passion for Theme Parks and travel has seen him work at the Magic Kingdom as well as travel all over the world visiting and subconsciously reviewing Theme Parks. If you ever want to know any of the latest rumours and just talk about Disney Parks, Luke is the guy to go too, just be warned you’ll probably never shut him up!

Dominic Lacey

Brand & Creative Director

“A life long dream of mine is to have my face on a plane so that I can travel the world bringing joy and confusion to airport goers.”

Dominic has always thrived to reach outside the box. With a long history of digital design and production, Dominic in consultation with Luke creates a majority of the creative aspects for ReviewTyme.